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18.00 Vinyasa Krama cu Mukesh Kothari

Whenever you practice a yoga class and challenge yourself with difficult poses, it allows you to experience happiness in the present moment instead of waiting for it to happen in the future.

Don’t postpone what can be achieved today.

Join our Bindusar class, taught by an authentic and recognized Indian yoga teacher Mukesh Kothari.

Mukesh Kothari is an Indian yoga teacher from Rishikesh India who offers vinyasa-based classes that encompass various elements. In addition to asana practice, his classes incorporate breath work, bandha techniques and delve into the psychology behind each yoga technique.

Inspired by the yoga sutra of Patanjali, his teachings focus on health, lifestyle, and yoga philosophy. As an internationally renowned instructor, he not only provides yoga teacher training but also offers life transformation programs that promote positivity and personal growth. https://www.bindusaryoga.com/


~ Luni 27 mai h 18.00 – 19.30

~ Participare 100 Ron

~ Bifat 2 căsuțe din abonament



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27 mai 2024


6:00 PM - 7:30 PM


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