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12.00 A Journey to Handstands with Dan Mat

Upside Down World 

Handstands are one of the more challenging yoga asanas. Like many inversions they can help us change our perceptions because we are viewing the world upside down. They can help us work on overcoming our fears and Dan’s personal favorite thing is that they bring a sense of playfulness in the process of mastering handstands.
In the workshop we will learn how to isolate and work on specific areas of the body used for handstands, we will learn how to use the wall to fasten our progress for support.
We will learn common drills for improvement.

Dan Mat, a London teacher with a multitude of yoga and cultural experience.
He has been teaching yoga since 2010. He has taught at some of the large yoga centers in London and a multitude of corporate classes in London.
He likes to share that the playfulness and magic of a healing practice, begins with the breath and is enhanced with a daily practice.
He currently teaches in Bucharest: (https://www.yognova.com/dan-m)


*Intermediate Level
** Workshop will be held in English.

  • 17 June 2023
  • Ore 12.00 – 15.00
  • Magic Yoga Joy Studio
  • Preț: 140 Ron/3 căsuțe bifate în abonament


This is what Dan Mat, our main host is saying about his yoga journey:
My passion is learning. After spending years adding letters after my name BSC, MSC, FCCA. I still felt uneducated to deal with many of the modern challenges which were starting to take hold in my body due to the many hours spent in the workplace.
The path to learning without the mind led me to yoga. I rediscovered something which I had discovered when I lived in India as a child.
I have been teaching in London for many years and my path of sharing now leads me to Bucharest.
These are some of the teachers who have shaped me:
Ana Forrest – forrestyoga.com, David Williams– www.ashtangayogi.com, Eileen Gaulthier.”



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17 iun. 2023


12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
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